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Kufri is a small Hill Station located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Kufri is very famous and amazing places for the tourist. The distance between from Delhi to Kufri is 357 by google map but the distance may increase due to the new highways and roads developed in route from Delhi to Kufri. The time is taken reach Kufri from Delhi is about 7 to 8 Hours. The time it takes much to cover 357 K.M is because Kufri has hills station and the vehicle travels slowly in Hills.

You can hire a tempo traveller from Delhi to Kufri from tempotraveller.in which is best suited for Outstation tours. The tour can be completed by choosing any one type of tempo traveller for your tour. You can choose your tempo traveller for tour from 9 seaters tempo traveller, 12 seaters tempo traveller or 15 seaters tempo traveller and we also provide the small cars. It depends on you that how many persons in your group and which type of luxury you require to cover the distance.

There are many different kinds of tempo travellers and these tempo travellers different from one another according to the cost of the tempo traveller which you want to choose for per K.M tariff. To know more details you can contact us at 092666607049818879368 or email us at [email protected] .what is the difference between our Standard Tempo Traveller and Luxury Tempo Traveller.

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What to Experience in Kufri when visiting from Delhi by Tempo Traveller?

If you are nature lovers and loves to see hilly places with snow then Kufri will be the best place to visit, situated in Himachal Pradesh, upper Shimla. In Kufri, you will feel like in a paradise. For reaching at the top of Kufri you have to take a horse ride. There will show you many places from horses like Asia’s highest peak, Satluj River, china hills etc but from very far. It will be fun loving for you when you reach at the top and see snow all over there.

You can also visit a zoo in kufri where you will see leopards, tigers, bears, deers etc. Shopping is also a fun activity which you can do here of wooden crafted items, shimla shawls, shimla jackets, shimla caps etc. So, plan your trip to Kufri by Tempo Traveller or Taxi. The time it takes you to reach Kufri will be 7 Hours 40 Minute to cover the distance of 357 K.M. from Delhi.

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