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Tempo Traveller Delhi

We provide Tempo Traveller in Delhi on Rent. If you are not familiar about Tempo Traveller let us tell you about same. Tempo Traveller is a luxury vehicle which comes in three variants 9 seater, 12 Seater and 15 seater and according to your requirements you can choose any one for your visit. Delhi being the capital of India most of the visit to various destinations like Manali Tour by Tempo Traveller or Himachal or Rajasthan visit all states are connected with Metro City Delhi and it is easy to visit to any such place by tempo traveller from Delhi. Tempo Traveller are specially made for Tourist to give the comfort. We provide service Tempo Traveller on Rent in Delhi and advised that if you want to book any of the tempo traveller mentioned above you should book them in advance. Hiring of Tempo Traveller is very easy in below three step process 1. you can call our executive at 9266611069 or 9266660704 and discuss about your tour plan 2. Our Executive will send you complete quote with no hidden charges by email. 3. Confirm your Tempo Traveller booking by Paying a small deposit amount and rest during the tour.

Types of Tempo Traveller Available for Rent

We have every type of Tempo for rent in Delhi. Basically we have three type of Tempo Traveller in Delhi for rent. like – Standard, Deluxe, and Luxury TempoTraveller. Standard Tempo traveller is a simple vehicle. These types of Tempo traveller have no any modification. These Tempo Traveller are Ac and Non Ac vehicle. This Tempo Traveller have front and back Bloor AC. for luggage back side digi and roof career and seating push back seats. Tourist can hire Tempo traveller Delhi for Delhi local and out station tour. This is a commercial vehicle which we provide on rent.

Deluxe Tempo Traveller Available for Rent

Deluxe 12 seater Tempo Traveller – Deluxe 12 seater Tempo Traveller is a modified tempo traveller for e.g – This type of Tempo Traveller have front and back Blower AC. 12 seater tempo traveller has also push back and recline seats for extra comfort for tourist. There is also space for luggage at the end, which is back side of the tempo traveller called digi and has roof career for extra luggage for music during the tour it has music system. Our 12 seater tempo traveller which we provide on rent all drivers are properly dressed in their uniform. This tempo traveller are good for Outstation tour and for long tours.

Luxury Tempo Traveller Available for Rent

Luxury Tempo Traveller – This Tempo traveller is a luxury vehicle. This Vehicle has a India best interior for Tourist. This tempo traveller made by fiver. This Tempo traveller have push back and recline Seat ,Music system ,LCD , Ice box, every Seat AC, for luggage back side digi and roof career. Luxury Tempo Traveller has white Seat cover .Driver have uniform. Well behave and helpful driver. You can hire Tempo traveller Delhi.

Tempo traveller made for small group and families. Our company stable in Delhi. We have every type of vehicle – Indigo, Innova , Tempo,Bus. You can hire Tempo traveller from Delhi. You can visit any destination by tempo traveller. Tempo traveller is a comfortable and luxury vehicle. You can take Tempo Traveller for safety pupose. We provide tempo Traveller Delhi.

Faq to Hire Tempo Traveller from Delhi

What is per K.M Charge for Tempo Traveller?
Tempo Traveller Cost for each variant differs from the type of tempo traveller which you want to hire. For 12 Seater the cost is Least which starts from 16 Rs to 18 Rs. For 15 to 16 seater tempo traveller the cost is about 20 Rs per K.M. And same for 9 Seater the cost is about 20 Rs. Per K.M
What are the diffrent variants of Tempo Traveller?
There are majorly 3 variants of tempo traveller available for rent. 9 Seater, 12 Seater and 15 Seater these variants are categoriezed according to seating capacity they can hold. The price varies for each type of Tempo Traveller.
How can one Book Tempo Traveller Online?
Booking Tempo Traveller online is very easy process. You just Need to provide your tour plan and according to that costing will be generated. By paying a small advance for the same you can hold your booking and rest payment is made during the journey.
How many seats are there in Minibus?
Minibus are categorized in three parts 9-15 Seater, 15-21 Seater and 22 to 27 Seater. You can book all above mentioned type of minibus from tempotraveller.in
Is there any Tempo Traveller bigger then 15 Seater too?
Yes there is 21 Seater Tempo Traveller also available. But this tempo travellers are majorly CNG based Tempo Traveller, CNG based tempo travellers can not go for long journey as there are less availibility to refeul CNG in route. You have to hire a mini bus if you are above 15 person for long journey. For Short Journey 21 Seater minibus can be hired
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